The Historic Saugus Coloring Book

Currently, the Historic Saugus Coloring Book cannot be purchased. Printed copies were made available for free to Saugus elementary school students (third grade and younger).

If any plans are made to sell additional copies, it will be announced here.

This project was supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. The rest of the funding came from the Veterans Memorial School, the Ballard School, the Waybright School, the Oaklandvale School, the Lynnhurst School, the Evans School, and Town Manager Steven V. Angelo.

It was written by Marilyn Carlson, and illustrated by Bob Sacco & Elliott Hurvitz. performed the electronic conversion and publishing, and the printing of the paper version was performed by Gangi Commercial Printing, Inc.

The Historic Saugus Coloring Book is currently available in two different hand-held formats as well as PDF for printing. (Of course, on a hand-held machine, it's more of a picture book than a coloring book, but it still makes it possible to see all the pictures and read all the text.)

The first (and preferred) hand-held format is for devices supporting Newton OS 2.1 or higher. All these devices support grayscale images and have fairly large screens for hand-helds. They include the MessagePad 2000 / 2100 and eMate among others. The book is in portrait orientation.

The second hand-held format is classic Newton book format and will run on any device capable of displaying a Newton book in portrait mode. The images on this version are of course not even close to being as good as the images on the OS 2.1 version.

[Newton book indicator] Download it as a Newton book (2.1 format)
[Newton book indicator] Download it as a Newton book (classic format)
[Newton book indicator] Download it as a PDF

In addition to downloading via this page, it is also possible to download via anonymous FTP. Using this option, the files can also be found in compressed form (when it makes sense).

Download a file via FTP

Lastly, it can be downloaded directly from the Saugus Public Schools site.