The Saugus Historical Society

SHS: Trivia Page

  1. What was Saugus called when it was still part of Lynn?

  2. Who, according to legend, was buried alive by an earthquake in the Lynn Woods?

  3. Where in Saugus did pirates supposedly hide out from British authorities?

  4. Who is the Native Saugonian pictured on the Town Seal?

  5. Who had the Iron Work's House restored around 1916?

  6. In what year was the Saugus area first settled by Europeans?

  7. What name did Lynn have before 1637?

  8. What was the name of the first European settler to build a dwelling in Saugus?

  9. What is the present name for Sweetser's Corner?

  10. What is the name of the Massachusetts Legislature?

  11. What European religious group first settled in Saugus?

  12. Who led an expedition through Saugus on his way to invade Canada?

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