The Saugus Coalition for the Homeless

The Saugus Coalition for the Homeless has learned that as of August 14, 2004, homeless families no longer live in hotels / motels in Massachusetts. Recently implemented legislation in Massachusetts assists families with security deposits, first and last month rent making housing more affordable. See this news item about RAFT.

We would like to thank the members of the coalition whose efforts helped reach this important goal, and to the people of Saugus who through their generosity helped to send children in need to summer camp programs and bought them warm coats last winter. Our thanks also to those who participated in the postcard campaign, and those who made phone calls to state representatives to have the issue of homelessness addressed.

To a great degree, the purpose and work of the Saugus Coalition for the Homeless is ended. The Coalition will however maintain its relationship with the Clergy Association of Saugus. If there are issues which fall within the scope of this Coalition which they, the Clergy of Saugus, would like us to address and respond to, we will gladly do what we can.