The Saugus Coalition for the Homeless is a recently formed organization committed to preventing and ending homelessness in Saugus. We have approximately 25 members, and work in conjunction with the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.


Housing prices at an all-time high in Saugus and surrounding communities, in conjunction with a high unemployment rate and a severe state budget crisis indicate that the situation could get significantly worse in the months ahead.


Our foremost goal toward ending homelessness is prevention. Toward that end, we are working on several initiatives to alleviate and eventually end homelessness. Those initiatives include raising awareness, coordination of existing relief efforts, lobbying the state legislature to restore the Housing Retention Program, and lobbying the state legislature to restore the Security Deposit Guarantee Program in order to prevent homelessness for many families altogether.


We also intend to direct those in need to existing resources, and will be conducting fundraisers over the coming months to support such assistance.


We invite you to visit our web site, //www.saugus.org/HomelessCoalition, or call us at (781) 233-0586 for more information, or to support our efforts.


Thank you.



Saugus Community United Methodist Church

493 Lincoln Ave

Saugus, MA 01906

c/o Saugus Coalition for the Homeless