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...providing hope and rehabilitation for survivors of acquired brain injuries

Vision House is a private, non-profit program that provides cognitive, psychosocial, prevocational, and vocational rehabilitation services for adult survivors of Acquired Brain Injury. The program helps those who are left with nowhere to go once insurance coverage expires and patients are discharged from hospitals and private rehabilitation facilities. The program also supports and counsels family members of survivors of an acquired brain injury.

An acquired brain injury is an injury to the brain sustained after birth. This injury may be termed a traumatic brain injury (caused by external forces such as an automobile accident), or the injury may result from internal causes (stroke or anneurysm).


At least 80,000 American lives are altered by Acquired Brain Injury each year. Those who survive brain injury often find their lives dramatically changed and are no longer considered to be productive members of society. Jobs are not compatible with "new" abilities, friends vanish and family systems fall apart. Survivors experience new and different needs in a world with high expectations and little tolerance.

Vision House provides a different life space for these adults in which to grow, relate, and learn. Empowerment, relationship, and support drive the goals for each survivor to again become a productive member of society.

Vision House provides an individualized continuum of services so that each member (client) reaches his/her highest potential. Our day program emphasizes psychosocial and vocational skills. Respite, case management, community education, and family support groups are available. Long term goals include 24 hours of care if needed, and child services.


The goals of Vision House are to:

Vision House is a haven for families trying to cope and adjust to a devastating turn in their lives. We offer technical, emotional, and day-to-day support to those affected by such tragedies in northeastern Massachusetts.


A person can acquire a brain injury in a number of ways, including auto accidents, falls, substance abuse, aneurysms, and strokes. Survivors of brain injuries usually receive services as long as medical insurance is available. When the money runs out, however, services end. Family members who must leave jobs to care for loved ones often find themselves destitute, financially and emotionally. Vision House, at 460 East Street in Tewksbury, Mass., provides services to people who have no other place to go. Founded in 1984, it is achieving success with a program that is extremely cost effective. The current base is $52 a day per member. This compares with other programs that cost as much as $1000 a day!

The founders of Vision House chose to begin with a day program. Their rationale was that meaningful progress can be made only if a person feels productive in daily life. The day program enables survivors to progress at their own rate, consistent with their individual abilities. At the same time, it keeps the family unit intact. The program emphasizes individual cognitive, psychosocial, and vocational skills that empower the members to re-enter their community and function at their highest potential; and provides continuing support to their families and the communities in which they live. Members live at home but attendance at the day program simulates a work week. One example of the work regimen is a farm stand from which members sell fresh vegetables in season. In addition, a building adjacent to Vision House has been renovated into a country store that offers members an opportunity to develop a variety of skills needed for community re-entry.


Day Program

Vision House is open from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday, and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM Sunday. Vision House is closed on Monday. There are different schedules for holidays; please call to get specifics.
Activities / Services
Following an initial assessment, an individualized written rehabilitation plan is written for each client (member). This plan addresses both short term and long term goals, measurable services provided to meet these goals, and time lines and dates for follow-up meetings. The services can be group or individual, on or off the premises of Vision House.
Support Group
Support group meetings, open to all family members of survivors, are held once a month at the Vision House.
Case Management (fee for service)
Provided as needed. This includes long term planning with a financial advisor.
Formal Assessments (fee for service)
If you would like more information about the various Vision House programs, download and print this brief PDF form. Fill it out and send it to us by mail or FAX.
Cost of Services
The cost of post acute rehabilitation programs can devastate a family's savings. Vision House day program services cost only a fraction of the price of other options. Members are charged $52 per day for program services. Scholarship funds may be available for those families unable to bear the full cost of the program.


Vision House is located at 464 Main Street, Tewksbury. You may reach us at:

Business Office: 978/475-8312
Day Program Office: 978/640-6309
FAX: 978/475-8312 #1


The Vision House program makes a difference in the lives of many.

Members gain self-respect and dignity, knowing that they have the opportunity to once more become productive members of society.
Family members
Family members, knowing that their loved ones are in a safe and meainingful program, are free to continue with their own lives and occupations with greater peace of mind.
The community
Vision House has an agreement with a local court system by which those convicted of drinking and driving are ordered to perform community service for the program, an experience that demonstrates most effectively one of the possible tragic consequences of auto accidents. In addition, Vision House provides an opportunity for youth groups, students, Scouts, and others to perform community service -- a worthwhile and rewarding experience for both the volunteers and the members. Representatives of Vision House make presentations to school audiences, civic groups, and others regarding safety and driving.
Taxpayers benefit from having a cost-effective program available and by having fewer people on the welfare roles.
Business leaders
Vision House enables business leaders to fulfill their requirements under ADA by hiring recovered brain injury victims who are faithful and productive employees, and who are accompanied by trained job coaches. This benefits businesses financially while also identifying them as socially responsible members of the community.

Please consider us among your charitable contributions. Download and print this brief PDF form, fill it out, and send it to us by mail along with your check to make a donation.