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Recent Past Events

Class of 1962 50th Reunion

The Class of 1962 celebrated their 50th Reunion on September 28, 2012 at the Marriott Hotel in Peabody. There were more than 100 classmates and guests in attendance and it was a wonderful night.

The reunion committee pictured here was taken after one of their many meetings over a year and a half. From left to right and top to bottom are... Ellen Long, Jerry Silva, Jack Robleski, Val (Silk) Anderson, Judy (Diamond) Murray, Donna (Cann) Olivera, Ceil (Samms) Duggan, Janice (Cristiano) Pomeroy, Jonni (Giantonio) Matrona, Rosemario (Sacco) Verderico and Carol (Caefer) Ludwig.

Saugus High Class of 1962 closed out their 50 th Reunion celebrations with a gift to the Friends of Saugus Public Library. The reunion committee met regularly at the library and wished to thank Director Diane Wallace and her staff for their help and hospitality and to recognize the continuing importance of the library in the Saugus community. Pictured: (l-r) Judy Diamond Murray, SHS '62, Diane Wallace, Library Director, Ro Sacco Verderico, SHS '62

Class of 1972 40th Reunion

The Class of 1972 celebrated their 40th reunion at Casa Lucia in Revere on Sept. 22, 2012.

L-R: Larry Prentice, John McCarthy, Jean Hanlon, Steve Coates, & Richard Capone

L-R: Peter Manoogian and Dave Walsh.

SHS Staff, 2012

SHS Staff showing their pride by wearing their staff shirts for the first Saugus football game of the season.

Miscellaneous Alumni Gatherings

Pictured here are a few random occurrences with multiple alumni in the same place.

In 1997 four 1960 classmates met for an informal lunch. (l-r), Judi Franklin Alabiso, Nadene White Allen, Judy Kmita Mullen, and Mandy Bishop Irving.

Alumni from the Class of 1957 share a dinner together at the Black Swan County Club in Georgetown, MA. (l-r) Carol Danahy McCormack, Carolyn Pindari Nichols, and Ruth Spencer Antonucci.

Alumni 1960 Cookie Dineen Conley with her daughter 1983 Candi Conley at the Topsfield Fair in Sept. 2012.

Classmate 1960 Barbara Southard MacKenzie and hubby of 50+ years Hank MacKenzie enjoying a day out on the town.

Taken at Bistro One on Sunday August 12, 2012 after attending "The artists paintbox" gallery opening. One of the artists showing was Robert Clark. From left to right Anthony De Mateo, a former teacher at SHS, Catherine DeFronzo Spencer class of 1943 and SHS nurse for many years, (standing) 1971 Debra Spencer Vitkosky, and Robert Clark, a former teacher at SHS.

Pictured (l-r) is SHS Class of 1986 Diana Orlando DiPesa and Class of 1982 Janet Tenore-Gottlieb after finishing the Allstate Boston 13.1 Marathon benefitting Autism Speaks on September 16, 2012. They have raised so far over $3,000 for Autism Speaks.

(l-r) Class of 1968 Edward Fuller, his son Nathan Fuller of N. Carver Mass, the oldest son of Ed and Maureen Fuller married Kelly White of Philadelphia on September 30, 2012 in Plymouth, MA at Bournedale function facility, a beautiful outside wedding. Nate and Kelly met 15 years earlier at college. Ed's two other sons, (next to Nate), Ben from California and Daniel from N. Carver, were Nate's best men.

Class of 1955 57th Year Reunion Held

Saugus High School?s class of 55 had its 57th reunion on Saturday August 11th at the Volunteer Yacht Club in Lynn. Between 4 and 8 o'clock, everyone had a fabulous time, whether they were dancing to the music provided by DJ Alan Labella or enjoying the fantastic buffet catered by Pearl Street Station (Malden). Over 60 people attended the reunion, some as far as California. The reunion committee would like to thank all those who attended and made this reunion a great success.

Pictured are classmates Mal and Sandy Rice, Nancy Holmes Macolini, Dick Krom, Norm & Mary Marshall, Patty Peach Hocking & Fred Case, Barbara Mitchell White, Ginny Moss Baier, Dottie Richards Sheehan, at the microphone is their leader, Dom Russo, with 1950 Irene Atkinson Lee, 1958 Jean Atkinson Blake, 1955 Pat Atkinson Sullivan and hidden (almost) is Marie Russo.

2012 Scholarship Winners

Class of 2012 Scholarship Winners of $1,000 each - First Row (l-r) Alex Ung , U Mass/Biology/Nursing, Brianna Cole, U Mass Amherst/Business, Danny Groark, U of New Hampshire Business/Finance, Olivia Singer, Suffolk U/Public Relations, Amanda DiCenzo, U Mass Lowell/Law Enforcement - Back Row (l-r) Courtney Sanchez, Babson College/Business, Hannah LoPresti, Boston College/Nursing, Maggie Palermo, Hofstra Univ./Eng./theatre, thomas Melendez, Suffolk U/Comm., Lauren Meehan, Bridgewater State/Com/Public Relations, Receiving the John J. Burns Memorial Scholarship of $2,000 is Emily Covell, Gordon Colllege Sociology/SW.

Congratulations to all the winners. We are very proud of you and welcome you into the Saugus High Alumni Association. We would like pictures and updates of your accomplishments. Please send any and all information including change of address and/or name on e-mail to judialabiso@comcast.net.

Sandy Wladkowski Smith's License Plate

1961 Sandy Wladkowski Smith is proud of the town she grew up in driving her car all over Fort Myers, FL. Say hello to Sandy by e-mailing ssmith3852@aol.com.

Helping Record Sporting Events

We received this following message from an alumnus and thought we should pass it along:

I am a graduate of Saugus High School - Class of 1979. I began taping soccer games as a volunteer for Coach Coviello at SHS in 2010. Coach Coviello recommended that I speak with Saugus Community Television, Inc. (SCTV). I would tape games for the coach but the added benefit was that the community (especially all those working parents) would get to watch those games on Channel 10.

I have been active in picture taking for many years but I was not confident that I would be able to transition to videotaping, especially since I knew what I would be taping would be aired on TV. I found it was much easier than I expected and have thoroughly enjoyed taping games and events at Saugus High School, and the other schools in Saugus as well.

Working at SCTV and taping and editing games that represent the teams at Saugus High School has been extremely rewarding. Participating at SCTV was a means to participate in community service and make connections that might help with job prospects. I liked the fact that I was helping my daughter's soccer, basketball and softball coaches, and - the school I had graduated from. But it all began with Coach Coviello who was grateful for the raw game DVDs that were given to him. He repeatedly told me how valuable it was for him to be able to watch the games with his team to see what they were doing right and wrong.

I've made a lot of friends in the past year that have stepped forward and have become involved as narrators for games for these teams. These friends are also SHS Alumni: Boys Hockey: Shawn Murray, Jimmy Alcott, Bobby Maccini and Jimmy Quinlan. Boys Basketball: Keith Manning and Mike Pelletier. Girls Soccer: Dave Bolduc, a great guy, even if he isn't an alumni! I would also like to acknowledge two Saugus High students who participated with announcing: Kevin Maggiore (Senior, Class of 2012) and Owen Andruchow (Freshmen, Class of 2016). SCTV would love to see more high school students involved with taping and announcing of events and games associated with Saugus High School.

The reason I'm writing to you is to encourage anyone in the community, especially SHS Alumni to become involved. We all attend games and enjoy supporting Saugus High School. But the reality is we do not have enough volunteers to tape all the events that go on within Saugus High School or the other schools. If you live in Saugus or work for a business in Saugus you can become a member of SCTV (www.saugustv.org). Membership is free. SCTV will train anyone interested in videotaping SHS games or other events happening in Saugus.

Share the pride and support SHS and Saugus!

Laura (McManus) Toomey

Saugus Alumni Baseball Game Huge Success

The First Annual Saugus Alumni Baseball Game and Festivities was held Saturday, September 17, 2011 at World Series Park in Saugus and attracted a huge crowd. Those in attendance enjoyed a very meaningful opening ceremony, The Game, meeting former Red Sox ace pitcher Dick Drago, classic cars compliments of Russell Tripp and Friends, a moon-bounce for the kids and lots of complimentary food and drink. This was a fundraiser to help support Saugus baseball.

The newly formed Saugus Diamond Club sponsored this event as a way of making Saugus people more aware of the great possibilities for baseball in Saugus. This club is made up of former Saugus baseball players and people who support the future of baseball in Saugus. The Diamond Club relies on donations to support its programs.

Alumni players competed in a nine inning game with Team Petrone, coached by former coach Pat Petrone, coming out on top. Playing for Team Petrone were: Joe Rizzo, Stan Greene, Joe Barressi, Chris Coco, Tom Gaeta, Matt Vecchio, Mark Mitchell, Chris Mikulski, Steve Catazone, Rob Fisher, Scott Fulton, Mark Nazzaro, Jeff Coco and Matt McCusker. All graduated in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

The opposing team, Team Tringale, was coached by former coach Tom Tringale and was made up of players from the late 1970s and early 1980s: John Beliveau, Bob Lessard, Tom Tringale Jr., Bob Merlina, Doug Orlando, Steve Capozzi, Brian Billingsley, Mike Autilio, Al Matthews, Eric Naumann, Mike Fauci, John Nicolo, Joe Markowski, Mark Picardi, Keith Manning, Stan Orlowski, Brian Silver and Peter Nicolo.

Participants in the opening ceremony were Saugus High student Venere Salzillo, who sang the National Anthem, State Representative Donald Wong, Diamond Club president Chris Coco, Bob Davis of World Series Park, Class of 1958, Author and poet Tom Sheehan from the Class of 1947, Gene Decareau from the Class of 1948 and Ryan Beliveau. The ceremonial first pitches were thrown out by Daily Item Sports Editor Steve Krause in memory of his father Edward Krause from the Class of 1938 and Mike Carista from the Class of 1985, a Red Sox draftee who traveled from Florida to attend. The MC / announcer was Mark Bertrand, Class of 1982 and the photographer was Mark Salvetti. Saugus Community TV covered the event.

At this event, World Series Park announced the kick-off of a fundraiser to purchase lights for the park. SHS alumni are encouraged to donate. Information about the lighting fundraiser can be found by searching "World Series Park, Saugus, MA" on the Internet.

For additional information about this fundraiser or the Alumni Game call 781-307-6239.

The Saugus Diamond Club wishes to thank all who made this annual event such a huge success and all who made donations and invites all to the Second Annual Alumni Baseball Game and Festivities to be held September 15, 2012.

Classmate of 1978 Update

Reading recent articles on former classmates inspired Class of 1978 Mike St.Pierre to write us on recent developments involving his family of four in California. After graduating from college in 1982, Mike relocated to California and served initially in the chemical industry and later in the environmental services business. Today he is employed by Seacor Environmental Services, one of the prominent contractors engaged in the cleanup of the BP Deep Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico? Mike's wife of twenty years is a native Californian and works at Clorox Research Center as a food testing panelist. His oldest daughter Stephanie attends Sacramento State University, is majoring in Business Administration and aspires to be "president of her sorority." Shown below is a picture of his youngest daughter Emily, a member of the Amador Valley High School cheer squad. Emily's team recently competed at the USA Nationals where 6000 cheerleaders ascended upon Anaheim, CA for a three day competition. Her team captured first place against a tough pool of competitors from all across the western United States. Emily is on the left in 87 and on the right in 91.

Photograph from the 2011 Cheerleading Nationals in Disney at Anaheim, CA
Photograph from the 2011 Cheerleading Nationals in Disney at Anaheim, CA

2011 Scholarship Winners

Pictured above are the 2011 Seniors who were the recipients of a $1,000 SHS Scholarship. They are front row (l-r) Courtney McTeague-Johnson & Wales, Emily Quinlan-Johnson & Wales, Kerri Hagstrom-UNH, Erin Mabee-UMass Amherst, Mary Orlando-Bridgewater, Lauren Belyea-UMass Nursing; back row (l-r) Cecelia Cresta-Devine-Framingham State, Mike Joseph-UMass Lowell, James Harrington-UNH and Kaleigh Evans-Worcester State.

Winner of the 2011 John J. Burns Scholarship of $2,000 is Ashley Vitale-Simmons College (no picture).

1966 Mini-Reunion in Florida

Class of 1966 in Florida on February 12, 2011 at the Juliette Falls Country Club in Dunnellon FL -- listed below are the names of classmates.

The Happy Group

2nd row: l-r Barry Donegan, Linda and Wayne Stickney, Len Fagan, George Gove, Bruce and Kathleen Carbone

1st row: Carmila (Montemagno) Donegan, Gil and Lorraine (Richards) Lambert, Priscilla (Strout) Fagan, Bob and Rose (Montemagno) Hansford, Lorraine (Meehan), & Pat Ryan

1957-1963 Mini-Reunion in Florida

A mini-reunion was held in Cape Coral, FL on February 5, 2011 with classes 1957-1963.

1961 alumni Jane Ferguson Donovan and Jean Ossinger Swallow in Cape Coral, Florida.

"Almost 50th" Mini-Reunion in North Carolina

Doug Larson and Larry Seavers and wife Kathy had a mini reunion after almost 50 years out of SHS in NC - They met at 10:00 am and parted at 4:00 pm. They looked at old pictures and articles and recalled old stories and events (some factual :-) ). As you can see from the attached picture, Larson and I remain as pretty as ever!! (Larry on the left) larry.seavers1@gmail.com) and Doug (kadelido@yahoo.com) in the Red Sox jacket). Thanks for sharing!

The 1956 Saugus American Little League Stars

Saugus American Little League All Stars around 1956 at our 45th class reunion. In the picture is John Serino, Jackie Wing, Andy Noel, Jimmy Mansfield, and Jon Eisenhaur.

The 1959-1960 Championship Hockey Team

Front Row, kneeling, left to right: Al Smith, Brian Cunningham, Buzzy Maxwell, Dave Matthews, John Spencer, Rich Burt, John Matrona, Billy Stella, Gerry Wolf
Back Row, left to right: Coach Miller, Vito Russo, Al Gay, Al Symmes, Andy Noel, Jim Grady, Tim Churchard, Gene DeAcetis, Frank Walton, Coach O'Brien
Missing: Rich Patch

Class of 1975 Celebrates 35th Reunion

Saugus High School Class of 1975 held their 35th Reunion on Saturday Nov. 27th at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites on Rt 1 in Peabody. The turnout was fantastic with over 120 in attendance! The night was filled with old friends and classmates re-connecting and reminiscing. All those in attendance enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner and danced until midnight to the music of the 70s, played by DJ Spiinelli. The evening also included raffles, gift baskets and prizes and a video presentation of pictures collected from classmates of school days gone by. The reunion was a great success and enjoyed by all who were able to attend!

Photograph from the Class of 1975 35th class reunion (Nov. 27, 2010).
Big group shot, left hand side of room.

Photograph from the Class of 1975 35th class reunion (Nov. 27, 2010).
Jayne Penta, Cathy Carlson Julie, and Wright Madden
Photograph from the Class of 1975 35th class reunion (Nov. 27, 2010).
Jim Hartigan Raffle Winner, Kathy Carlson, and Joyce Beeler Wall

Photograph from the Class of 1975 35th class reunion (Nov. 27, 2010).
Big group shot, right hand side of room.

Photograph from the Class of 1975 35th class reunion (Nov. 27, 2010).
Debbie DePaula Genzali, Erin O'Neil Ladrew, Dan Hanlon, Peter Genzali, and Ellen McDonald Faiella
Photograph from the Class of 1975 35th class reunion (Nov. 27, 2010).
Maria Ficociello McLaughlin, Janet Strakus Vigeant, and Christine Genchi Bond

Photograph from the Class of 1975 35th class reunion (Nov. 27, 2010).
Mike Liberti, Charles & Tricia Sullivan, and Steve Gleason
Photograph from the Class of 1975 35th class reunion (Nov. 27, 2010).
Jean Russo Parks and Susan Jesoraldo Burke

Photograph from the Class of 1975 35th class reunion (Nov. 27, 2010).
Mary Thompson, Donna Murray Sudak, and Rose Boyle Shea

Annual Yankee Swap Held

The annual luncheon and Yankee swap was again hosted by Jim and Dolores Caggiano on December 1st at their home in Saugus. After wine and Hors d'oeuvres, a full meal was enjoyed by all. The coffee and desert hour was followed by "The Yankee Swap" and a lot of laughs.

Top row from left to right: Jim Kusch, Jackie (McLean) Kusch, Joann Hollis, Thelma (Berry) Davis, Charlie Davis Jim Caggiano. Seated Bottom from left to right: Fred Carter, Cathy(Reynolds) Carter, Dolores (Grella) Caggiano, Ginny (Ditto) Trabucco and Dick Hollis

Class of 1960 Celebrates 50th Reunion

The Class of 1960 SHS celebrates 50th reunion in style on Friday, October 1, 2010 at the Peabody Marriott. Judi Franklin Alabiso (Treasurer of the Class) who organized all the reunions for 50 years brought this last reunion to a fabulous close - 182 attended including 114 classmates. They danced the night away to the fabulous Senior Tones (Howie Conley and his group) who entertained the class with songs of the 50-60?s. The Class gave out 10 gift certificates donated by various Saugus establishments, gifts which were included in Red Canvas Bags filled with CDs composed by Donna Scourtas Dixon, Al Cocorochio and William McCarthy of all the 1950-60 songs, 100 page booklet compiled by Steve Jablonsky who also assisted with the name tags with picture ID?s - 106 attended breakfast the next day which the Class paid for.

Al Cocorochio

Audrey Stead McCullough

Donna Scourtas Dixon

Dotty Diamond Beaton

A special thank you goes out to the committee members for all their assistance in helping to make the 50th a huge success. The Class would also like to thank 1947 Tom Sheehan for donating (110) books entitled ?A Gathering of Memories?. The Class appreciates the dedication of the officers of the Class, President Jim Samms (Swampscott), Secretary Dotty Diamond Beaton, who flew in from FL and Vice President, Richard Timmons, who flew in from CA. Richard Timmons the VP welcomed the class to the 50th and thanked Judi for all her work over the years; committee members Al Cocorochio, Audrey Stead McCullough, Donna Scourtas Dixon, Nadene White Allen, William McCarthy, and Steve Jablonsky pictured with his wife Maryann. The Class also thanks classmate, Norman Spring, who surprised the Class by taking all the pictures that are compiled in the website below. Judi also thanks those certain classmates who honored her with wonderful gifts which she will treasure. She hopes to see classmates at the Alumni Luncheon held every year on the last Saturday in September at the Continental Restaurant. For more pictures, please check http://picasaweb.google.com/donnadixon

Jim Samms, Audrey Stead, and Judi Alabiso

Judi Franklin Alabiso

Nadene White Allen

Norman Spring

Richie Timmons

Steve Jablonsky

William McCarthy

PS ? Without the assistance and guidance of Darlene Rainone Ippolito at the Peabody Marriott, the night would not have been as successful. Darlene is also a 1980 graduate of SHS.

Seven Lifelong Friends from the Class of 1983

We take a "girls' weekend" getaway every summer and once every 5 years (on the milestone birthdays), we take a big trip. We went to Montego Bay, Jamaica for our 45th birthday in May, 2010.

(L to R): Candi Conley, Joyce (Glionna) Ripianzi, Marlene (Spinale) Ladderbush, Michele (Potenza) Walker, Cathy (Carroll) McEvoy, Carla (Morelli) Francazio, and Monica (Colby) Rooney.

Class of 1962 50th Reunion Coming Up in 2012

The class of 1962 is planning a 50th reunion to be held possibly in the fall of 2012. More details to follow. Please e-mail Ellen Long at elong1205@verizon.net 781-665-4007 or Janice Cristiano Pomeroy at 617-846-7456 JanicePom@gmail.com with updated e-mails and current addresses to help facilitate the planning of the reunion.

Class of 2010 Board of Directors

Photograph of the SHS Class of 2010 Board of Directors, 2010
Welcome to the Class of 2010 who have officially become Alumni of SHS - Pictured below are the Board of Directors: Top Row, Jesse Wiley, Stephanie Perella, Connie D'amato, Katelyn Desimone, Samantha Ghika, Shanwa Healy, Katie Landa, Lauren Donati, Andrea O'Neil, Katerina Thanopolous, Second Row, Lauren Torres, Shawn Durant, Christina Palermo, Paige Maggiore, Andrew Catanzariti, Lauren Woodside, Paul Andrews.

Class of 1966 Spring Get-Together

The Class of 1966 Spring Get-together was held on March 21 at the 99 Restaurant in Saugus, thanks to the efforts of Larry Giantonnio.

Frank Gross & Jane McClintock McDonald

Priscilla Strout Fagan & David Lavoie

The Felton School Gang: Doug Cooper, Art Roberts, John Millar, Larry Giantonnio, Greg MacDonald

Dottie Flammia DiTomaso & Cindy Rhoades Niven

Ron Villagracia & Don Mallet

Classes of 1959 - 1962 Mini Reunions in Florida

A couple mini-reunions were held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. One featured the Classes of '59 and '60, and the other the classes of '61 and '62.

[Left to Right] John Spencer, Gerry Wolfe and Ted Smith.

[Left to Right] Wes Rogers, Judy Bel Timmons, Richie Timmons, Louise Spencer, John Spencer and in front row Ted Smith.

1960 Richard Timmons with wife 1959 Judy Bel Timmons at their Ft. Lauderdale condo in Florida.

They are in front holding books 1962 Rosemarie Sacco Verdirco, 1961 Susan Piper Peschier, Middle Row 1961 James Fleet, 1961 Jean Ossinger Swallow, 1961 Marilyn Platt Panico, 1961 Henrietta Laborde Belyea, 1961 Joyce Johnson Moreschi, 1961 John Peschier, Back Row 1961 Jane Ferguson Donovan and 1961 Sandra Wladkowski Smith. Hopefully when I finally retire, you will come to my condo in Naples, FL...you all look wonderful... Judi

Girl Scouts from Former Troop 5 Lynnhurst Reunite

Since 1996 members of Girl Scout Troop 5 from Lynnhurst have been reuniting and sharing memories and friendship with their leader Edna Tilley. The attached photo was taken in October 2009 when we celebrated Edna Tilley's 91st birthday with some of her "girls".

Front Row: Edna Tilley, Gerry Tilley, '65, Linda Dearstyne Ware, '65 Judy Kusch Colburne, '64 Back Row: Judy Kimball '64, Penny Landry McGarry, '65 and Sue Swett Senecal, '65.

1964 Veterans Memorial School Sixth Grade

Pictured are 1964 Alumni and other classes taken at the Veteran's Memorial School (6th grade)... sent by Harry Peet.

Those were the days!

1964 Alumni and other classes taken at the Veteran's Memorial School (6th grade)...

Back Row is Paul Stanley, Tommy Prout, Ralph Rockwood, Richard Laskey, Bob McHugh and Harvey Dow.

Front Row: Harry Peet, Richard Crowell, Douglas Tilley, Clayton Hatch Middle guy with bow tie is Frank Sullo.

Class of 1959 50th Class Reunion

The Saugus High School Class of 1959 held their 50th Class Reunion on Saturday, September 26, 2009 at the Saugus / Everett Elks Hall in Saugus.

There were 135 attendees that included classmates and guests. Door prizes were given and a raffle was held to raise money for a gift to the high school and/or money for a scholarship. With the money raised we were able to purchase a video projector for one the classrooms and a scholarship to a 2010 graduating student who will be pursuing a career in education.

Local businesses that donated to the raffle were: Applebee?s Neighborhood Grill & Bar, Hilltop Steakhouse, Jimmy?s Steer House, Kelly?s Roast Beef, Kowloon Restaurant, Prince Pizza, Shaw?s Supermarket, Spud?s Restaurant, Stop & Shop Supermarket and Trader Joe?s.

We would like to thank all these local businesses for their generous contributions and their ongoing support to the community.

Photograph from the Class of 1959 50th class reunion

Al & Joyce Rodenhiser

Photograph from the Class of 1959 50th class reunion

Janet & John Riley

Photograph from the Class of 1959 50th class reunion

Helen Nilsson, Rosalie Russo, & Peggy Hurley

Photograph from the Class of 1959 50th class reunion

Joan & Norm

Photograph from the Class of 1959 50th class reunion

Judy & Richie Timmons

Kathleen Donovan's Surprise Party

On May 15, 2009 a Surprise 65th Birthday Party was held for me, Kathy Donovan (class of '62) in Saugus at the home of Jim and Lola Fleet. I was not able to attend as I live in Hawaii and also... I was not invited. I was however sent a video of "The Party". The pictures below are out takes of that video. Looks like a great time doesn't it.  I'm sure I would have enjoyed it. I just want to say Thank you all for having so much fun on MY Birthday... you all know I do love to share. You guys have always known how to me feel so special and cared for, thank you, thank you, my treasured friends... but you know you still owe me one!

[Ellen Long 62 Barbara Mann Jack Robleski 62 Roro (Sacco) Verderico 62 Jim Fleet 61 picture]

Left to Right Ellen Long 62 Barbara Mann Jack Robleski 62 Roro (Sacco) Verderico 62 Jim Fleet 61

[Lola Fleet, Ciel (Sams) Duggan 62 John Duggan, Sue (Piper) Peschier 61, John Peshier 61 picture]

Lola Fleet, Ciel (Sams) Duggan 62 John Duggan, Sue (Piper) Peschier 61, John Peshier 61

[Lola Fleet, Sue Peschier 61, Ciel Samns Duggan 62, Barbara Mann, Ellen Long 62 picture]

Lola Fleet, Sue Peschier 61, Ciel Samns Duggan 62, Barbara Mann, Ellen Long 62

[John Peschier 61 picture]

John Peschier 61

[Jim Fleet 61 picture]

Jim Fleet 61

[Alex & Donna (Cann) Olivera 62 picture]

Alex & Donna (Cann) Olivera 62

[Valjean (Hart) Anderson 62 picture]

Valjean (Hart) Anderson 62

[Bill 61 & Judy (Lasano) Jeffrey 62 picture]

Bill 61 & Judy (Lasano) Jeffrey 62

[Jack Robleski 62 and Sue Piper Peschier 61 picture]

Jack Robleski 62 and Sue Piper Peschier 61

[Fun outside picture]

SHS Association Gathering

The Saugus High School Alumni Association held its annual gathering at the Continental Restaurant. This was a luncheon, formerly a dinner dance and a fabulous time was had by all. The food was excellent and compliments to the waitresses that did a fantastic job.

The oldest alumni who attended were 1936 Virginia Wheatley Atkins and 1936 Bernice Wilson Smith who have been out of school 73 years! We are so pleased they came and hope to see them again next year. There were two door prizes donated one by Margie Scire Berkowitch (handmade quilt) was won by Wilfred Hixon and (a huge basket of Art Supplies) donated by Judi and Joe Alabiso was won by Milward Hewitt.

Chairperson, Cam Cicolini states it couldn?t have been any better. She is booking it again for next year. It?s the last Saturday of the month in September; from 12-5 and is a sit-down dinner.

The Classes of 1944 and 1954 held their reunions there. As a reminder, any SHS class may also do this.

The Alumni Association is currently hosting a fundraiser. It is a calendar for the month of December. Every day there is a chance to win cash; the first, the last day and every Friday of the month is a $500.00 prize. The rest of the weeks are various amounts of cash prizes. If your name is drawn, it is re-entered into the pool. The calendars are $10.00 and you have a chance to win up to $4,800.00. If you are interested, send your money in and a calendar will be sent to you. Please make checks payable to the ?SHS Alumni Association? and mail to P.O. Box 1305 ? Saugus, MA 01906. For further information, you may call Cam Cicolini, Fundraising Chairperson at (781) 233-9339.

The Alumni is seeking additional members to help with the Association. Currently, we have six members. Please help us by committing to one hour on the second Thursday of the month (excluding July & August) at 7:00 p.m. at the SHS library.

by Joan (Noseworthy) Carrick (1959)

At a recent meeting of our "Reunion Committee" I suggested that we write something about things invented or how Saugus has changed since we left SHS. Well inventions we all know what they are, but the second topic exploded into an hour of fun with plenty of laughs and so many changes in town that I had to slow the "girls" down so I could record them. Pat, Peggy, Carolyn, Jackie, Rosalie, Helen, Gloria and I came up with a list of places that we thought would be fun to reminisce about. I'm sure that they will bring back many memories of your high school years and friends.

With that said, let's take a nostalgic look at our beloved hometown ? for some of us it's still our town. I guess we'd be called true "Saugonians".

Fifty years have passed since we last roamed the halls of the "New High School". However, there are many places in and around the town that are still on our minds.

Let's start with the schools that raised us and have all been razed or used for another purpose. Remember the Armitage, North Saugus, Oaklandvale, Lynnhurst, Cliftondale, Sweetser, Ballard and the Ballard B, Pat still has hers, The Emerson, Felton and the Roby, lest not forget the Old Roby too! Then, of course, we went on to either the Sweetser or Central Junior High.

Walking to and from school each day there were many Mom & Pop stores like Mr. Bomar's and Riley's on Central Street, Mrs. Delaney's and Winter Street Variety, Chickie's for the East Saugus kids, Leo's Variety and Alex Safer's parents store on Essex Street. In the early years we had plenty of time to stop and buy candy, if we had a penny or two, as we had an hour for lunch to walk home and back.

After school Mom would send us to one of the local markets to pick up something she needed for supper. There were plenty in town before the giants arrived. Remember the two Cogliano's in East Saugus; Sherman's, Braids, Walkey's, Solometa's, and a tiny First National in Cliftondale Square and Young's and Graham's in the Center. In Cliftondale there was a small variety/meat market called Mr. Frazer's. I remember buying a pound of hamburger, which he ground fresh for me at a cost of 49 cents. In our later school years there was the Stop & Shop and the A&P; where many of us worked after school.

If someone in the family was sick we were sent to one of the drug store to pick up medicine and there were many around town. Rexall and Sullivan's in the Center; Butler's and Sheldon's in the square and Washington Square Pharmacy in East Saugus. Let us not forget the soda fountain in all these places where we were introduced to vanilla or cherry Coke.

Standing: Peggy Hurley Bourque, Joan Noseworthy Carrick (author of Remembering), Helen Nilsson Kelly, Gloria Ludwig MacNeilll, Jackie Powers Howard, Pat Grella Copeland, Seated: Rosalie Russo Caci, Carolyn Price Hashem

Then it was our turn at high school. In the fall of 1955 the NEW Saugus High School opened and we were the first class to go all four years there. However, there was a glitch with the opening as it was the year that Polio was running rampant and they decided not to send us kids back to school until the end of September. I'm sure that we were all happy to have our summer extended, but was anxious to go to high school too. We were spared the usual pranks played on freshman as everyone was new to the school and had to concentrate on where they were going next in such a vast spread out school. Remember when we had a class at the end of the West wing and the next at the far end of the East.

After school some of YOU may have met at the Old library in the Center, the Cliftondale branch in the basement of the Sweetser School or at the Water Works building in East Saugus. Don't know how you kids in other parts of town did your homework. My friends and I were much too busy practicing our cheers on the steps of the Post Office to visit the library. This didn't do us much good as none of us made cheerleader team.

Other businesses in Cliftondale in those years were Parson's Fuel, Allen's Hardware, Hoffman's, Edmund's Bakery, Charlie the Cobbler, Grady's Jewelers, Ludwig Cleaners, Saugus Bank & Trust, Hanson Chevrolet, The Treasure Chest, Cliftondale News where Mr. Kramich hired the boys to deliver the papers. Then there was Line Lumber and Cliftondale Woodworking, George's Barber Shop, wait, George is still there giving our grandsons haircuts. ?and lest not forget the Telephone Exchange. Number please, Saugus 8-1210M.

Heading down Lincoln Avenue we find Sim's Carnations, Tony the Barber and Kane's Donuts. Further down the road was Heck Allen's Restaurant, where people came from all over the North Shore to enjoy Heck's sea food specialties. Across the street was the Hygenic Laundry with there many trucks that picked up your laundry at your house and delivered it clean and folded the next day. This was in the building that the Rainbow Girls and Demolay Boys gathered for their monthly meeting.

Moving up Chestnut Street was the Saugus General Hospital where our family went for any medical procedure that was not available at the doctor's office. ?and there were many in town. I remember Drs. Arbetter, Faulkner, Weiner, Carter, Carp and many more.

Leaving East Saugus toward the "Center" we head down Winter Street to pass a section of Saugus that I had never heard of before. Carolyn phoned me one day to add to our memory list and included "Kenwood". Neither of us had ever heard of this being a section of town. However, with a little investigation I found that it's the official name, which I'm sure no one uses, of the more familiar neighborhood known to most of us as "Hen Manure Mountain".

Further down Winter Street we pass the old high school, the State Theatre, oh what memories we have of Saturday afternoons at the movies. The train station where some of you caught the train to Boston to see the Red Sox or a show with your family. For us in Cliftondale, the stop was on Eustis Street. Getting back to the Center the next stop was in the State Luncheonette, better know at the time as "The Weirdies", for a soda so we could keep an eye on the Rat Hole hoping that the boys might leave and join us in the soda shop. Just past the tracks in the Pythian Building was Miss Austin's Dancing School where many of us attended her ballroom dancing classes when we were in the 5th or 6th grade. The boys were required to wear suit coats and white gloves and the girls had to curtsy at the end of a dance. This was our first introduction to dances, but certainly not our last. When we were in junior high we attended Canteen on Friday nights at the Sweetser School where we danced to records popular at the time. However, you better not dance too close as Miss Wentworth would have no problem separating us. She also made sure that we girls didn't wear any lipstick because she was prepared to rub it off. Speaking of dancing. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who took dancing lessons from Mrs. Mac Donald at her home on Essex Street.

Down the street in Saugus Center there was Adlington's Hardware, Bob's Shoe Box, the Little Shirt Shop, Saugus Feed & Grain, Woodbury's 5&10, the Iron Pot, Fullerton's Funeral Parlor, and Sanborn News, where the paperboys of the Center picked up their papers to deliver.

On a Saturday morning, in the summer, Dad would pile us in the car, the only car in the family, to make the long drive to upper Main Street where we passed Berthold's Farm and Lumber Yard to Castle Rock where we would buy a case of tonic we so loved on a hot day. I was allowed to pick out the flavors; although I'm sure I was coerced into buying what Mom and Dad liked too!

Lastly, we mustn't forget "The Pike". Starting at Felton Street there was the DeFranzo Circle with Howard Johnson's Drive-Inn at its side. At Essex Street there was Santoro's Sub Shop, in those days it was located where Walgreens is today. Then heading north we first came across Kiddy Ranch and Arcade Bazaar. Just before our high school was Sully's Donuts where many of us started our day and Mr. Bly would park his car for a quick get-away to the State House in Boston. The new Stop & Shop was built at the Main Street intersection where many of our classmates worked after school. ?and speaking of the Stop & Shop, how many of you remember the bomb scares we had when the kids terrorized the store?

We must not forget all the restaurants along the Pike like the Mandarin House, the Monarch and Thunderbird Diners, Caruso's, Augustine's, Topsy's, and of course, Adventure Car Hop where we all met to eat and listened to Woo Woo Ginsburg. At Walnut Street was the A&P; Grocery Store on one side and Godfried Bakery formally know as the Cole's Bakery on the other. Further north was Carl's Duck Farm, or was it Augustine's by then. The Broadway Club that we learned was owned by Pat's parents was at the end of the north-bound journey.

After making the turn to head southbound I have a memory that has never left me in all these 50 years. One hot summer day, Pete Bruno invited us to his back yard, I can't remember who, but there were many of us, behind his home where we could all go swimming. Well, in order to swim you had to jump off the very, very high ledge that was there. I remember my jump and thinking that my life was over. Then I hit the water and went down and down and down. Then I thought I would never return to the surface. If you doubt me, take a ride up Walnut Street and look across the water to the cliff I speak of. Every time we drive by I look over and say we must have been absolutely crazy. Speaking of crazy, when it was hot we would go anywhere to cool off. My crowd would go swimming in the rezzy opposite Elm Street. Thankfully, we were all good swimmers and had no accidents.

Now let's get back to the Pike. I can't remember when they opened, but Zayre's Department Store was a great place for us to buy back to school clothes. Then down the street was Donovan's Florist and Jolly Jorges followed by the new Prince Leaning Tower of Pizza. Norm and I went there as teenagers when it was just a little pizza shop with picnic tables inside and out. Today Prince can sit a few hundred for dinner. Right next door was the first Dunkin Donuts in town. It provided the donuts for "Little Dunks" that was in the Stop & Shop parking lot. There must be 10 Dunks in town now. Next were Russo's Candy on one side of the Fellsway and the Red Coach Grill on the other. Speaking of this corner, remember the traffic lights that were on the pike and the turn-arounds that were so dangerous? I believe that that traffic light was one of only two in town in those days, the other at Lincoln and Ballard Streets.

Next came the Saugus Drive-In, dreaded by everyone's parents. Apparently they thought that more nasty things could happen there then if you went parking up Lilly Pond, or Breakheart. Up the hill from the Fellsway was the small hole-in-the-wall called Hilltop, oh how that grew over the years. A little further down the Pike was the Valle Steak House. In later years Valle's was the overflow for the ever growing Hilltop.

At the Main Street intersection on the night before the 4th, we all made our way to the VFW's huge yard, probably including where the K-Mart Shopping Center is today, where there was a carnival with many amusements and games of chance, but at midnight we saw the best fireworks that we had ever seen. I also remember fireworks at the Anna Parker Playground too.

After the Main Street overpass the New England Shopping Center was being built as we graduated. This led to many jobs for some of us and the younger kids still in high school.

And last, but not least, Norm and my favorite pastime when we were dating. We had a running tally of who was the best golfer at the miniature golf course with the huge orange Tyrannosaurus Rex. This landmark still stands today at the head of the Pike for all to see when they enter our beloved Saugus.

Hopefully, this has opened up your memory banks for you to remember many other places with fond memories and stories to share with your friends and classmates. I hope this reminisce of OUR town, at a long ago time, has been as much fun for you to hear as it's been to write about. So, my friends, please go forth and remember!

Nadene White Allen

Class of 1960, Nadene White Allen  attended a lovely wedding end of September, 2009 in Washington.  It was held at the Marriott Hotel near the airport. Approximately 300+ people attended ? from all parts of the world.  The reception lasted 2 days and nights.  She never experienced an Indian wedding before and wanted to share these two pictures of me in saries. The colors were amazingly beautiful.  The groom traditionally arrives on a white horse covered with flowers ? however Kashif, the groom, arrived in a white convertible.  The men danced in the streets in front of the car to beating drums.  The bride's family was waiting for him when he arrived at the hotel.

The Class of 1977's 50th Birthday

The Class of 1977 Celebrated its 50th birthday party at Gannon Golf Club in Lynn on July 22, 2009. Pictures below are some of the classmates who attended.

[Greta Doherty, Dino Fabrizio, Jane Amirault, Laura Marshall, and Bobby Lord picture]

Greta Doherty, Dino Fabrizio, Jane Amirault, Laura Marshall, and Bobby Lord

[Lorna Strout, Carmine Contrada, and Kelly Mehar picture]

Lorna Strout, Carmine Contrada, and Kelly Mehar

[Donna Quartarone and Joe Orsillo picture]

Donna Quartarone and Joe Orsillo

[Julie Dukes and Janice Martin picture]

Julie Dukes and Janice Martin

[Mary Connors, Denise Reynolds, Kelly Mahar, Jim Harrington, and Kyle O'Connell picture]

Mary Connors, Denise Reynolds, Kelly Mahar, Jim Harrington, and Kyle O'Connell

[unknown, Bob McDonald, Paul Dancewicz, and John Campanello picture]

unknown, Bob McDonald, Paul Dancewicz, and John Campanello

[Jamie Reynolds Conerty and Wendy Meninno blowing candles picture]

Jamie Reynolds Conerty and Wendy Meninno blowing candles

[Chris Mekalian, Mark Sacco, and Mike Rice picture]

Chris Mekalian, Mark Sacco, and Mike Rice

[Pauline O'Brien, Debby Dion, and Julie Raponi picture]

Pauline O'Brien, Debby Dion, and Julie Raponi

[Debbie Willson, Joey Esdra, and Jamie Reynolds picture]

Debbie Willson, Joey Esdra, and Jamie Reynolds

2009 Scholarship Winners

Pictured above are the 2009 seniors who won the SHS Alumni Assoc. Scholarship of $1000 each.

Back row, L-R, Allegra Tedder, Univ. of NE-Me, Alexander Singer, Bridgewater State, MA, Amanda McTeague, Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, CA, Elizabeth Shaw, UNH, Janelle Bean, BU.

Seated, first row, L-R, Paige Benson, Univ. of Findley, OH, Amanda Picardi, RI College, Paige Palermo, Amarsit College, NY Fashion Merchandising, Craig Zecchino, Northeastern - Theatre, and James Sparks, Dean Jr. College.

You are now alumni of SHS! Congratulations... we are proud of you. Please remember to keep us informed of your progress and address throughout the coming years!

Left to right: winners James Sparks and Craig Zecchino

Left to right: winners Craig Zecchino and James Sparks

Left to right: Librarian Ron Weekley and 1983 James Sparks father to one of our winners!

Left to right: winners Craig Zecchino and James Sparks

2008 Scholarship Winners

Pictured above are the 2008 SHS Alumni Scholarship Recipients ($1000 each).

Front Row: LtoR - Alysse Williamson (Gordon College) Lindsay Thomann (BC), Alycia Masiello (Univ. of Mass. Amherst).

Back Row: LtoR: Jillian Howell (Colby), Patrick Maguire (Emerson), Haley Erickson (Worcester), Gia Triosi (Quinnipiac), Brian Cipoletta (Westfield), Joshua Hollett (Eastern Nazarene).

Leng Ung (Univ. of Mass. Amherst) not in picture.

The Class of 1987's 20th Reunion

The Class of 1987 hosted their 20th Reunion at the Kowloon on Friday, November 23, 2007. Pictures below are some of the classmates who attended.

Caroline Prezioso, Gina Bognano, Patty Murray, Amy Carra

Lisa D'Urso, Heather Standish, Lauren Record, Brian Comeau, Ann Dowling

Sherry Nichols, Jennifer Walsh, Julie Williams-Kermelewicz, Pamela Simmons, Karen Ficoccello, Cindy Williams

Susan Comeau, Tony Delello, Tracy Cushing

Sean Moynihan, Tim Mc Govern, Donald Maccini, Kevin Wortman, Pamela Simmons

Joe Rizzo, Ed Mc Carthy, Tim Brown, Brad MacDonald, David Patterson, Jason MacDonald

Class of '87 Group Photo

The Class of 1944's 63rd Reunion

The Class of 1944 celebrated their 63rd reunion at the Continental Restaurant on September 14, 2007 with 59 people in attendance. Mr. Mel Simons, popular late night WBZ entertainer, pleased everyone with his "Old Time Radio Skits." Committee members are Jean MacDougal, Bea Cronin, Dr. Herbert Upton, Louis Vient, Mimie Wheeler Konicki and Christopher Whyte. The Class donated $150 to the SHS Alumni Association. The Alumni Assoc. thanks you for your generous donation! Another reunion will be planned in 2009.

left to right: Hope & George Clark, Marian Davis, Betty & John ONeil, Philip Reinegar and Richard Davis.

left to right: Evelyn Hanson, Mary & John Phipps, Howie Spofford with wife Marjorie Trefry Spofford, Madolyn (Mimi) Wheeler Konicki, Edna Leonard (guest).

left to right: John McCarthy, Mary Johnson, John Monaco (standing), Janet and Ken Buckless, Malcolm Ward (standing), Rev. Bruce and Lula Berry.

left to right: Robert and Miriam Atkins, Sumner Sears (standing), Toot Demaso OLeary, Francis Gordon, James Folan, Flo Gunning, Ann Divisione Bicchiere.

left to right: Kay and David ONeill who traveled all the way from Montgomery, Vt. and had never attended a reunion. Kay called after the reunion to say how much they enjoyed seeing everyone, but that shortly after the reunion on Oct. 18, 2007, David passed away and how grateful he was to have seen his classmates once again.

seated: Phyllis Taylor, Howie Long, Bea Cronin, Chris Whyte; standing: Rita Murphy, Ed Quinn, Jean MacDougall, Lucy Johnson.

Class of 1962 45th Mini-Reunion

Although he was unable to attend his 45th SHS reunion because his daughter's wedding at Wentworth by the Sea in Newcastle, NH was on the same day, Rich DeFronzo had his own mini-reunion with the 15 SHS grads who were guests at the August 18 wedding. Pictured below are: 1st row L to R: Ted Allen (62), Pat Cox Jenkins (64), Joan Hanlon Curley (53, Janet Golden Allen (63), Janet Simmons Allen (63), Kay DeFronzo Spencer (43), Debbie Spencer Vitkosky (71), Jack Spencer (43), Maria Spencer Freedberg (67; 2nd row L to R: Dick Allen (62), Susan Ludwig Calnan (63) John Hamilton (62); 3rd row L to R: Peter Defronzo (60), Richard DeFronzo (62) and Ralph DeFronzo (60).

1959 Classmates Hiding in Maine

Do you recognize the three pictured from the Class of 1959? They are Liz Davidson Ellis and hubby Ron (Wakefield) and Nancy Yanofsky Seldin (FL) taken August 2007 at the Ron and Liz's Maine hideaway!

Class of 1960

Nadene White Allen

The Class of 1957's 50th Reunion

Helen Sheehan

Pat Kelly-Grady

Bob MacEachern and John Burns

Skip McKeeveer

Priscilla and Barbara Teague, Carol Smith in shawl

Rita Maillet and 1958 Mary Ellen Drew

Lornie Dawson and Classmates

Lewis Young

Norman Devonshire and John Ferrara with wife Kathy

Judy Simmons and Carlene Lee Sproul

Bob and Dave Soper

Bob MacEachern in driveway

Betty Ludwig D'Eon

Back row left to right: Rita Maillet Hashem, Bruce White, Adrienne Lewis Linstrom Young, Mary Ellen Drew (1958); Front Row left to right: Carolyn Pindari Nicholas, Carol Danahy McCormack and Pat Kelley Grady.

Back row left to right: Peter Roy, Ruth Spencer Antonucci, Jane Churchard Galante, John Burns, Skip McKeever, Pat Kelley Grady and Carol Danahy McCormack. Front row left to right: Lee Willson and Lorna Dawson Haseltine.

Carolyn Pindari Nicholas, George Riley (1955), Moe Carter Coderre and Marilyn Thibault Ballard

Jane Churchard Gallante on left end and Jane Green Schraffa on the right end and the bearded gentlemen in the middle is Glen Evans.

The Class of 2002's 5th Reunion

The Saugus High School Class of 2002 celebrated their 5th reunion on the second floor of the Sanctuary Bar / Lounge in Boston on November 23rd.

Nicole Brady, Lori Mackey, Stacy Gauthier, Alexia Lindsay

Mike Landry, Deepa Shah

Colleen Robitaille, Jill Plourde, Angela Molina, Lauren Cataldo, Jenn Dineen

Julia Upton, Ellen MacLaughlin, Jenn Dineen

Dan Ross, Rick Kane, Marc Cox

Ted Wall

Diana Hickman, Kara Austin, Sharon Ranson, Shannon Whittredge

Brandon Harris, Dan Applegate, Brent Shannon

Frank Cassarino, Alex D'Angelo

The Class of 1952's 55th Reunion

The Saugus High School Class of 1952 celebrated their 55th reunion at Spinelli's Function Hall in Lynnfield on October 20th. Approximately 90 classmates and guests attended, an enjoyable time was had by all.

Members of the SHS class of 1951 were invited and several attended along with a representation from the class of 1953.

Thelma Berry Davis provided the background music on the harp creating a cheerful welcoming atmosphere as the guests arrived and during the initial cocktail hour.

The scrumptious luncheon/dinner was served promptly at 2:00 PM and was enjoyed by all.

After Dinner, three donated copies of the book Of Time and River, written by over seventy Saugus locals and edited by John Burns, Tom Sheehan and Bob Wentworth, were given away as door prizes. The winners were; Thelma Berry Davis, Mary Mihaljen and Nancy Bambury Haynes.

The ubiquitous Ballard school escapees:
Left to right front row; Connie Sufretti Matney, Carol Pearson Rasca, Dolores Grella Caggiano, Carolyn Kyle, Virginia Ditto Trabucco.
Standing Left to Right; Carl Hayes, Gail Watson Boivin, John Gratiano, Cathy Reynolds Carter, John D'Entremont, Virginia Naples Fischera, Don Hopkins, Tony Serino and Dick Hollis.

The committee:
Front Row Seated Left to right; Dick Hollis, Jim Caggiano, Jim Kusch, Charlie Davis.
Standing left to right; Cathy Reynolds Carter, Dolores Grella Caggiano, Jackie McLean Kusch, Janice Popp Howland, Thelma Berry Davis.
Missing in the picture is Audrey Spencer Bertrand.

1952 Cheerleaders and Twirlers:
Left to Right; Florence Quinlan Peach, Carolyn O'Neil Eastman, Janice Popp Howland, Gail Watson Boinin, Marilyn Pettito Fahy, Marilyn Pappas Riley and Lucille Wyler Murphy.

A post reunion/ pizza party for the committee was held at the home of Dolores and Jim Caggiano. Plans for the committee's annual Christmas / Yankee Swap meeting were formulated.

Mini-Reunion for the Class of 1950 in Their 14th Year in Florida

In 1994 Ellie and Frank Smith heard that several members of the Class of 1950 were residing in Florida. Frank and Ellie got in touch with them and invited them for a mini reunion at their home in Hobe Sound. This was the first reunion held in March 1994 with five SHS graduates of the Class of 1950 and their spouses attending. Over the next 14 years, several classmates have hosted these mini reunions always at the end of March with 18 couples or more in attendance. This reunion was held in St. Augustine at the home of Joe and Betty (Manning) Conlon. An invitation goes out to anyone who would like to join them even if you are not from the class of 1950, please call Ellie Smith at 772-546-7573 or Betty Conlon at 904-471-1536. Beverly Booth Whitely will host the next mini reunion at Vero Beach, FL 772-569-2046. Pictured are the following: George Emberly, Chuck Green, Margie Gavin Schultz, Betty Manning Conlon, Frank (Bud) Smith, Don MacLeod, Eleanor Dearing Smith, Frank Ludwig, Don Hollis, Lee Johnson, Jean Provenzano Dobrowolski, Roberta Esdale Macaulay, Beverly Booth Whitely, (Barbara Dearing Celata, class of 1956 not in picture), Don Martin, Barbara Manning Dumond and Don Dumond.

The Class of 1961's 45th Reunion

The 1961 organizers who presented 2007 graduate Leonna Walsh with a $600 scholarship with the proceeds taken from their 45th reunion. Left to right, Kathy Russo Lucy, Judy McGilvery Maunsel, recipient Leonna Walsh, Joyce Johnson Moreschi and Jane Laskey Lancaster.

Judy McGilvery Maunsel, Kathy Russo Lucy, and Joyce Johnson Moreschi.

Class of 1961 Reunion Committee

Saugus High Class of 1961 held 45th reunion at the Holiday Inn Oct. 14th (113 attended). D.J Alan Labella along with Tommy Vee "Hypnotist." A good time and reunion was a great success. The CD of the reunion is ready. To order send $15 to Henrietta Belyea, 10 Hurd Ave., Saugus, MA 01906. The CD was done by Andrea Donovan and Dave Swallow.

Left to right: Henrietta Laborde Belyea, Jean Ossinger Swallow, Jane Laskey Lancaster, Judy McGilvery Maunsel, Kathy Russo Lucey, Andrea Donovan, Joyce Johnson Moreschi

Donna Fuller Crabtree's Mini Reunion

A mini reunion was held in February at the home of Donna Fuller Crabtree and Snooky in St. Petersburg, FL. Wish we were there to help you celebrate!

Left to right: Eddie Pesce (1957) Georgetown, MA, Donna Fuller Crabtee (1960) Saugus, MA, Allen (Snooky) Crabtree(1956), Henrietta Laborde Belyea (1961) Saugus, MA, Rosemarie Sacco Verderico (1962) Saugus, MA, Jean Ossinger Swallow (1961) Saugus, MA, Joyce Johnson Moreschi (1961) Middleton, MA, Sandra Wladkowski Smith (1961) Fort Myers, FL and Roberta Chisholm Pesce (1961), Georgetown, MA.

Left to right: Eddie Pesce, Donna Fuller Crabtree, Snooky Crabtree, and Robbie Chisholm Pesce.

The Class of 1966's 40th Reunion

The Class of 1966 held their 40th reunion on September 30, 2006 at Lavoie's Ballard Restaurant in Saugus. Classmates came from California, Washington, Montana, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio and our exchange student Ingemar came all the way from Sweden. Our class advisor, Paul Downing was there for the festivities. A fun time was had by all. Plans are already underway for 2011. To view our Award recipients and pictures of our reunion, check our website at www.shs1966.homestead.com

Class of 1949 Celebrates Betty Kudera Quinlan's Birthday

1st row: Jeanette Greenleaf Therrien, Ginny Brostrom Borghetti, Betty Kudera Quinlan, Marilyn Butler McKenny, 1948 Marion Prideaux Laskey, Carolyn Butler Navarro.

2nd row: Marilyn Holmes Eaton, Helen Adam Holt, Ruth Stead Swanson, Graci Melanson Mercurio, and 1950 Marilyn Marshall Falaska.