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The Saugus High Alumni Association enjoys helping Saugus High alumni find each other (provided that all parties concerned want to be found). With this form below you can request the address and phone number of a Saugus High alumnus. If the alumnus you request is in our (voluntary) database of alumni, we will contact that alumnus on your behalf. If (and only if) he / she is interested in getting in touch with you, we will provide you each with the appropriate contact information. In this manner everyone's privacy is protected. If you'd like to update your own database entry, please see our Update Form. If you would like to immediately check if the alumnus you're seeking is not in our database, please see our Missing Form.

If you'd rather not use the form, we also accept alumnus search requests via e-mail, FAX, and phone. If you elect to use one of these other options, we ask that you still provide as much of the information the online form requests as is possible. Note too that often people's current names are different from the ones they used at the time of their graduation; in particular women often shed their maiden name after marriage.

The more information you can provide on the alumnus you're seeking, the more likely we'll be able to successfully locate him / her.

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