A country store in the old New England tradition

460 East Street
Tewksbury, MA 01810

Phone: 978-863-1163
FAX: 978-475-8312 #1

(You know this is true because the building was once a one-room school; it's in the country -- sort of; you know it's a store because it's filled with marvelous goods and spicy aromas; and the prices would make any old Yankee smile.)

Are you looking for the absolutely perfect gift... or a great little conversation piece for your home?

Then, how about a custom made silk or dried floral arrangement, a personalized gift basket, one-of-a-kind clothes that fit 18 inch dolls, furniture for the dolls, flags, afghans, candles, pottery, specialty items, and so much more!

We've got them all -- and more. At prices ranging from $2 to more than $100, but always a bargain.

Ye Olde School Shoppe offers customers wonderful merchandise and a wonderful incentive program: at no cost to you -- and we do the record keeping!

We keep a file of names of customers, dates, and the amount of money spent. When $100 is spent, a 10% discount is offered on the next purchase made at the store (all purchases made at one time -- not limited to a single item). This past year, some customers waited 'til $200 was spent, put Christmas gifts on layaway, and saved 20% (the highest percentage allowed) on all of their gifts!

The reason we keep the date of purchase is that we give our customers a letter stating that 50% of monies spent at the store in a given year is a donation and therefore a tax deduction.

The Country Shoppe is one of the three businesses run by Vision House. This business increases the opportunity for members to learn the skills needed to empower them to return to the "real world".

The store, a former historic one-room school house had at one point been turned into a garage before being restored and returned to its original purpose -- a place of learning. The 3 R's now being taught are: re-learning of skills, re-learning of hope and dignity, and re-learning of independence. Here, in a safe, supportive and individually paced environment, members prepare for their successful vocational re-entry into the community.

The proximity of the store to the day program is a win-win setting. Should training questions arise, job coaches who train and assist members and later initially accompany them to jobs in the community, can obtain immediate feedback from the clinical staff next door.

Members become work ready at their individual rate. A brain injury often leaves a person without physical and emotional energy. A person's level of limit to stay on task may only be 10-15 minutes at first. Because of the proximity of the program, a member can work at the store for only 10-15 minutes before tiring and returning to the program. Time spent is recorded and used as a baseline to strengthen endurance and skill building.

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